Some words from my good friend, lovely client, photography buddy & buddies from wedding industry.
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Let’s start from  Good Friend

Thoughts of good old friends brings such comfort to the soul, and Sunny is one such friend. I’ve known him for more than 10 years, and we practically lived together for a year. He was my housemate and computer genius friend then, and that 1 year in KL has left us with such wonderful memories.

Sunny was the joker, the rock of our house, the one that can be relied upon to keep things safe. He was also very careful with money and lived very frugally as a student. I remember the time when he was trying to save some money, and all he ate for a week was a loaf of bread and water. Of course me and my other housemate chided him for being so silly. Still, he was resilient and persistent in his ways. I learnt a lot from his humbleness, and his kindness towards others, and i also managed to learn some Mandarin from him, for which i am forever thankful.

Sunny is a man which is so simple in manner, but rich in positive characteristics. Don’t let his small eyes, and big smile fool you into thinking that he’s a fool though. Be good to him, and you’ll forever be his friend, cheat him and i’ll beat you up! Yes, he won’t harm a soul, he’s too kind and gentle for that, but he has made some good friends that will stand up for him. Me being one.

Did i mention that he’s also known to us as Mr. Romantic? To the person who holds his heart, nothing is too much to give. He’ll go out of his way to impress and show his love, and i am so happy for him that he found Winnie, the love of his life. Both of them do make such a cute couple, and both are so good for each other.

Our friendship has been a wonderful one, and even though we’re miles apart nowadays, Sunny and his wifey is never far from my thoughts. I would always wish the best for him, in life and in his business as a professional photographer. Cheers to you my friend!

~ Bernice Chee

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then follow by my Lovely Client

Sunny, you did a really good job on our wedding day. I really salute the professionalism inside you. From the morning of picking up the bride, to the church, till the wedding dinner, you never lose focus or show a sign of tiredness on your job. We were amazed on how fast you can produce the slideshow within a short time. The wedding photos are brilliant, professionally shot, and unique in every way. Your photography not only captures the moment in our life, but also the soul in it. It is a pleasure having you in our wedding. Your humbleness and patience has been a great testimony to us, and your photos already speaks for itself.
We appreciate your hard work and we want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your great service. God bless and wish you all the best.  
Ruth + Lizhi |  G Hotel, Penang.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meeting Sunny was one of the best thing during my marriage event preparations. The work that he does is impeccable. Truly a great professional with an eye for capturing all those precious moments that you would want to keep forever.  
Suyi + Laurent  | Peranakan Mansion, Penang.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Sunnysan,
John and myself would like to thank you for all the beautiful and memorable pics u have taken for us on our weddings. For us, u r one of the best photographers. U were punctual and very professional in ur work. Even given few hours to generate morning tea ceremony for dinner time slides, you did your best and produced a very funny and enjoyable slides for all our guests to view. I was having a good time laughing away during dinner. We were glad to have u as our photographer and it is worth it with all the priceless pics u’ve captured.If u didn’t capture that day moment, then it will always be a memory to remember only, but now you have made it into pic slides that we enjoy laughing together everytime we watch the antics of our heng dai and ji mui. Wish you all the best with your passion in photography and have a flourishing business.
Thank you once again.  
John and Bee Ai 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks Sunny for covering all the wonderful faces during our big day and make it a memorable one. Although seeing sweat all over his face but he still carries a big smile from morning till end of the event. Thanks again for his professional and efforts!
Wishing you getting better and better in your photography career.  Saw Foon and Boon Hai

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the moment we met Sunny (in Joosah and TongWei’s wedding dinner) one year before our wedding (we booked him shortly after that) to the day of the wedding, he was spectacular.

Sunny was fabulous to work with for our wedding. He was easy-going, very professional, cordial and friendly to all of our guests and had boundless patience and energy.

The photographs turned out amazingly and ran the entire spectrum of our wedding evens in Kuantan, Penang as well as in KL. He even managed to get a picture of about every guest that attended. He caught the perfect expression of us, as well as our family members and guest. Because of his hard work and attention to detail we have a beautiful and comprehensive set of photographs which will help us to remember and our future generations to experience that wonderful day.

Sunny, thank you for taking the pictures for one of the most precious days of our life.  
Hon Tsong and Lee Kuan 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunny & Winnie did a wonderful job capturing happy moments for our wedding and provided good accomodating services. It was a pleasure to have both of you document our special day and we wish you guys success and all the best!  
Kah Fei & Michelle 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We started to know Sunny through a friend wedding whereby it happened 2 years back before our wedding. Back then, both of us found that Sunny was a very interactive photographer, cheeky and not forgetting a talkative photographer.
Both of us seriously find that he is the photographer which could blend in to any crowd given to him as we have mentioned those value he has prove useful in tense situation. For example, when the two family officially meets each other, someone has to break the ice, and having Sunny there, will definitely break the ice for you – no doubt about that. He would know what to do, what to say and how to say it without offending or making a tough situation hard to handle. Smoothness in his work has to be mentioned here also, not on photos taking but on event handling.
As for his photography sector, we personally think that he knows how and when to take a very attractive moment and making it a standout for that moment. Candid shoots sometimes of people in an event makes a big change on how we see our wedding event and we believe the hard part is that having a crystal clear picture is tough; which Sunny makes it look simple.
We also like the way he Photoshop Processed our pictures (some of it). And it looks nice whereby it really blend into our Chinese traditional costumes ‘feel’.
Overall, what we both have to say is that we made the right choice of hiring Sunny as our wedding photographer. This is our very honest testimonial on Sunny.  
Alex Ng & Michelle Tay  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First of all, thanks for d beautiful moments captured on our wedding day.

1. Regard pre-wed, It was nice of you to interview us regard our wedding flow of event and intro of our family and frens and join d rehearsal.

2. On d day of our wedding, you told us to call u if we want to take any ohotos but we were very anxious and cannot remember to ask you to take photo especially some potraits photo with our family and close frens. It would be nice if u would be more pro active to interrupt us regularly for portrait photos. Nevertheless, we think u r good in taking d moments in d wedding.  
Alex n Fiona 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~